Drive System upgrade of specialist product Extrusion line

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Drive System upgrade of specialist product Extrusion line

The Line comprises of an extruder, unwind backing foil system, treater, over dryers, accumulator and surface rewinder unit. SSD drives utilising the link fibre optic network were upgraded from 620 drives to 690+ range of drives using tec boxes.

The fibre optic network consisted of 22 Nodes and included a newly installed data logger to capture any network failures to aid fault finding.

Electrical requirements:

The SSD 620 vector drives are now obsolete and were required to be upgraded to the SSD 690+ range as part of an ongoing policy of improvement engineering.

Oracle Drive Systems designed mounting back plates for the new drives to retrofit with ease onto the existing chassis back plates to utilise the existing mounting arrangements.

The installation was carried out during the Christmas shutdown period. Complete new drive software was required which amounted to 134 pages using the SSD Drive System Designer Software . This interfaced with the existing Allen Bradley PLC system via an X-Link DDE card. All commissioning was completed and fully tested before the factory was due to start back up into production.

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