A custom control system for a clients under rollers

Case Studies

A custom control system for a clients under rollers
  • Cost: £17,000 per system
  • Timescale: 4 days to install and commission

A customer required a control system designing for his under rollers which were used to pay on and pay off a product from a variety of different drum sizes ranging from 1metre upto nearly 4 metres in diameter. The main drive rotated the flange of the drum and there was a traverse system on a linear rack for when the rollers were used to pay on a product. The requirement was to allow for a full range of drums and have 3 modes of operation, speed, tension and dancer control. A diameter sensor measures the belly of the drum however as the height of this would change dependent upon the flange size, some clever plc code  using trigonometry was used to automatically measure the correct winding diameter based upon the flange value entered and the measured distance from the sensor.  This made it easy for the operators to have a simple set up screen and the drive system took care of the rest. The system was designed to be integrated into any production line system by using a multi selection for dancer and line speed feedback types. A Harting connector was used as the interface or it could be used as standalone equipment. The operator enters a pitch distance in mm and a delay angle for spooling into the edge of the drum correctly.

The system comprises of an Allen Bradley Powerflex drive, Kinetics servo drive for traverse, Panel view plus HMI and a compact logix plc on an Ethernet platform. It has been tested on products ranging from a max speed of 1m/min to 40m/min without any loss of performance.

The system has full diagnostics and even caters for problems such as the diameter sensor being covered by debris for upto 1 minute without losing control.

Various design options are available for this system and full installation and commissioning services are available.

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