Analogue DC Control System Upgraded with Digital DC Drive

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Analogue DC Control System Upgraded with Digital DC Drive

This was an upgrade for a pull roll on a rewind stand which was powered by an obsolete analogue DC drive which we replaced with a Sprint Digital PLX DC Drive.

The majority of the original control system was done using printed circuit boards and fixed RC components, this was all removed and can now all be done by software on the new drive.

A Sick laser sensor was used to measure a 7 metre high accumulator position with a PID controller in the drive controlling the height at any level the operator required. This was an update from the old system which could only control the height of the accumulator at one fixed position.

The original motor was refurbished and the tacho replaced with an encoder for more accuracy. 

The design, installation and commissioning of the system was all carried out by Oracle Drive Systems.

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