DC Drive Specialists


We are a DC drive specialist not only in fault finding and repair of existing DC drive systems but also in the upgrade and retrofit of new drive modules and components.

DC drives are typically being replaced with AC drives on new equipment these days, but DC drives still have their place for older machines due to their compact size and torque performance. It is much more expensive to replace a DC drive system with an AC system due to the new cabling requirements for the motor, there is also a consideration needed for motor cable lengths as in order to meet EMC noise guidelines, there are limitations on how long the cables can be. AC drives are generally much larger than their DC counterpart so retrofitting into existing spaces can be an issue.

It's one thing understanding how the drives work, it’s another thing to understand the application of the drive. Winders for example, have multiple methods of control and can be centre driven speed controlled systems, or torque control systems with tension feedback devices, and even open loop where it uses the current consumed by the drive.

Oracle have many years of experience in a variety of applications such as winders, film process lines, extrusion, steel mills, special purpose applications using a wide range of manufacturers equipmen