Sprint PLX Digital Drives for Panel Upgrade

Case Studies

Sprint PLX Digital Drives for Panel Upgrade

A customer wanted to upgrade their old and obsolete 545 analogue drives and tacho generators, which although they were working correctly, if a drive were to break down it would be costly and time consuming to try and find a replacement (if they were even available).

As we had known this customer for a long time and were familiar with their machines, Oracle decided to go ahead with Sprint Electrics PLX digital drives for the upgrade. Sprints PL and PLX range already have encoder options built in, which the customer was starting to implement factory wide. Sprint always carry stock, so the drives were available next day instead of weeks or months from other DC drive manufacturers and the drive upgrade could be carried out as soon the customer was available to stop production.

The customer also opted to connect the drives into the existing ethernet network which allows digital setpoints to be passed between the drive sections as well as the drive sections before and after, allow for multi drive monitoring simultaneously and also allow for storage of all drive software in 1 complete back up file.

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