Eurotherm 2000 Series of controllers due for obsolescence

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Eurotherm 2000 Series of controllers due for obsolescence

With immediate effect, the 2200 and 2400 ranges are being moved to Level 2 (Special Order Only) status. Details of the current lifecycle stage and the anticipated withdrawal dates are as shown in the below:

  • 2216e, 2208e, 2204e Level 2 (Special Order Only) Obsolete date December 31st 2020
  • 2416, 2408, 2404 Level 2 (Special Order Only) Obsolete date December 31st 2020
  • 2408F, 2404F (Profibus) Level 1 (Under Review) Obsolete date December 31st 2023
  • 2408I (Indicator) Level 1 (Under Review) Obsolete date December 31st 2023
  • 2200e 2DN (DeviceNet®) Level 1 (Under Review) Obsolete date December 31st 2023

The EPC3000 controller is the suggested replacement for the 2400 and 2200 ranges, offering improved performance at a comparable price, as well as native Ethernet communications certified to Achilles® Communications Robustness Testing Level 1. The EPC3000 controller offers the same panel sizes (DIN) as the affected 2000 Series Controllers in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 variants.

The most significant functionality not available in the EPC3000 controller is PDSIO (Pulse density signaling I/O). Similar functions are available via the CT input on the EPC3000 or 3200 controllers, or via broadcast master comms.

Key Benefits of the EPC3000 Controller

  • Enhanced Precision Control - EPC3000 range has high precision, high thermal stability inputs. In combination with updated and enhanced control functions and optimized autotune performance, the EPC3000 range provides improved control stability, repeatability and time to setpoint in comparison to the 2000 Series controllers. Benefits may include improved process yield and reduced scrap.
  • Graphical Wiring Environment - The GWE is an extremely easy way to create applications. It allows users to select the function blocks they wish to use in their application and then connect them together using ‘Soft Wiring’. The GWE gives the user a pictorial view of exactly what has been configured and can also be used to monitor runtime conditions.
  • Ethernet Connectivity - Ethernet communications are supported via a standard RJ45 connector, providing fast access to process and diagnostic information as well as connectivity to an external PLC or a plant SCADA.

Cybersecurity - The EPC3000 Ethernet-enabled controller range is the first Eurotherm controller to be designed and certified to meet the stringent cybersecurity requirements of Achilles® Communications Robustness Testing

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