Callout on 350HP Rockwell Drive

Case Studies

  • Cost: Covered Under Contract
  • Timescale: 1 Day

Oracle received an email on a Friday night by one if its customers stating that a drive had blown up and could we help.
An engineer was sent to site the next morning and located the converter section of the drive had failed. This is where the dc capacitors are fitted. Upon inspection it was also found that one of the jumper settings that earth common mode dc bus capacitors was in the wrong location.
The drive was part of a shared load scheme and the drive section was set up to run without this particular drive until a repair could be arranged. The faulty section was removed from the cabinet drive and stored on a pallet ready for collection. As the drive was under warranty Oracle Drive Systems Liaised with the drive manufacture and managed the replacement parts required through Rockwell Automations warranty process.

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