Parker 590P 15A 4Q 220V - 500V 3ph DC Drive
  • Parker 590P 15A 4Q 220V - 500V 3ph DC Drive

Parker 590P 35A 4Q 220V - 500V 3ph DC Drive

The DC590+ Integrator Series 2 DC drive is the latest development of the range.

It benefits from 30 years experience of designing and manufacturing drives for process line control with dedicated function blocks 

which simplify the implementation of applications such as sectional drive reels, winder control etc

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[590P-] 590P-Series, Four Quadrant Regenerative DC Drive

[53] 220-500VAC 3-Phase Input

[21501] 15A Output Current Rating - Frame Size '1'

[0-] Universal 115/230VAC 1-Phase Auxiliary Supply Option Fitted

[P] Panel Mounted

[00-] No Special Option

[U] English (50/60Hz) Destination

[4] 6901 Keypad Option Fitted

[V] Armature Voltage Speed Feedback Option

[0] No Communications Option

Packaging Dimensions: 

50cm Length, 30cm Wide, 36cm Height 

Weight is 7Kgs


Data sheet

Power Rating
35 Amp

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